Unleash Your Creativity with DAP360

The Ultimate Creative Powerhouse,
Designed by Creatives, for Creatives!


Feature 1

All Management for All Your Clients Under One Portal 🌐

Simplify with One-Stop Client Management.

  • Say goodbye to platform hopping.

  • Centralize your client management in a single portal for unmatched efficiency and a holistic view of all interactions.

Feature 2

Custom Branding for Agency Owners 🎨

Brand Your Portal, Amplify Your Identity — Infuse your agency’s essence into the portal with custom branding options that spotlight your unique flair and distinction

Feature 3

Multiple Folders and Files 📂

Unlock Endless Creative Space — With limitless storage across a multitude of folders, keep your designs perfectly organized and ready for instant collaboration and access

One-Stop Team Management Tool 🤝

Mastermind Your Team’s Flow from a Single Command Hub — Streamline workflows, turbocharge collaboration, and simplify communications with unparalleled ease.

Separate Brands 🌐

Unify Your Brands with Ease — Effortlessly orchestrate multiple brand portfolios under one digital roof, ensuring every asset is neatly categorized and instantly accessible for streamlined workflow precision.

Draft Feature with Drag & Drop 🎨

Design with a Simple Drag and Drop — Revel in the ease of our intuitive interface, where perfecting your visionary designs is as simple as a click, drag, and drop

Task Approval/Rejection ✔️❌

Feedback Flows, Quality Grows — Accelerate decision-making with streamlined task approvals or rejections, upholding the highest standards of quality to guarantee client delight.

Notifications (Email - Portal) 📬

Always Alert, Never Miss a Beat — With real-time notifications delivered straight to your email and portal, you’ll be on top of every essential update and task, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Technical Support Ticketing System 🛠️

Ensuring seamless operations and efficient tracking. Get instant, personalized assistance with Live Support 💬 – help is just a click away. Dive into a frictionless support experience, where every challenge is met with immediate solutions.

Full Security 🔐

Sleep Soundly with Ironclad Security — Trust in our comprehensive security measures designed to protect your sensitive data, safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of your agency’s information at all times.

Streamline Task and Brand Allocation for Your Team 🌐🚀

Streamline task allocation for efficient project execution, assigning roles with precision to the right team members. Customize workloads by strategically assigning brands or clients, ensuring peak performance and personalized attention for exceptional service.

Custom Domain for Personalized Experience 🌐

Boost Your Online Presence to New Heights — Elevate your agency with a custom domain that delivers a tailored and unforgettable experience for your clients.

Add/Delete Team Management Roles and Duties 🛠️

Shape Your Dream Team with Custom Roles — Fine-tune team roles and responsibilities to mirror your agency’s unique framework, embracing the flexibility needed to drive unparalleled performance.

Submit Designs to Clients, Request Changes Instantly 🚀:

Revolutionize Client Collaboration — Submit designs and receive real-time feedback directly within the portal, enabling a seamless and dynamic partnership that accelerates creativity and satisfaction.

Create Brief Forms for Desired Services 📝:

Custom Briefs, Effortless Onboarding — Create tailor-made brief forms to simplify client introductions, ensuring your services match client needs with unmatched precision from the get-go.